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Tools for Humanity

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Tools for Humanity faces tough questions in Kenya Worldcoin inquiry

The standoff between Kenyan officials and crypto-ID firm Worldcoin continues, with both sides raising the stakes to defend their positions….


Worldcoin boom hits a wall in Kenya, despite CEO’s pleas

Worldcoin continues to push its iris-scanning biometric capture system in Kenya. This week it was reported that Alex Blania, the…


World ID – Changing the world or sci-fi dystopia?

By Alan Goode, CEO and Chief Analyst at Goode Intelligence Would you let a shiny metal orb scan your iris…


Worldcoin is building the world’s largest identity and financial network to serve as a public utility. Worldcoin consists of a…


Worldcoin surpasses 2M digital ID signups; 8B to go

Cryptocurrency and digital ID startup Worldcoin says it has enrolled over 2 million signups for its anonymized digital identity credential,…


Worldcoin biometric crypto initiative raises $115M

Tools for Humanity, the company behind the Worldcoin cryptocurrency project that relies on biometric identification, announced it has raised $115…


‘Proof of personhood’ and global stipend hang on Worldcoin wallet

Worldcoin and its development partner Tools for Humanity are back with a new play for a global digital ID. World…


Worldcoin says SDK lets you prove you’re a human online. Coins not included

Worldcoin’s dream of providing biometrically unique “proof of personhood” for the entire globe takes a step forward with the release…

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