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Voice belongs in the multi-factor mix: Opus report


Opus Research and Validsoft have just published a new research report on mobile commerce and authentication, arguing that voice biometrics belongs in multi-factor environments.

“This year, more than 590 million phone users will have made use of their mobile devices for banking purposes, jumping to more than one billion individuals by 2017,” the report notes.

Through analyzing Validsoft’s voice multi-factor authentication system — which includes biometric voiceprints — the report argues that voice biometrics can be applied in an out-of-brand or in-brand model and like all biometric technologies, customers don’t need to remember passwords.

“Voice biometrics work as part of a context-aware approach that includes a number of processes that take place in the background, also in real-time to ensure strong authentication,” the report continues. “These include device profiling, voice duplication detection and blacklisting checks.”

More information on this report is available from Opus Research’s website.

Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a reality, and biometrics is very much a part of this discussion.

The Biometrics Research Group also recently published a research note that argues mobile commerce adoption will accelerate due to impending wide-scale integration of biometric technology into smartphones. Specifically, the group anticipates that mobile payment transactions will reach $250 billion in 2014, reaching $750 billion in annual transactions with more than 700 million users by 2020. 

A recent example of this kind of integration, South Korean payment service Danal has teamed up with CrucialTec to launch a fingerprint payment app called BarTong, which makes use of an embedded fingerprint sensor on a smartphone.

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