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Aratek targets broad range of uses with new mobile biometric terminals

Aratek targets broad range of uses with new mobile biometric terminals

Aratek has recently increased its focus on delivering biometric capabilities in remote locations, including with the launch of its new “Marshall” mobile biometric terminal late last year. Marshall features NFC, 2D barcode, and MRZ capabilities for e-passport reading, a built-in printer, and supports seamless integration with FAP20, FAP30, or FAP45 fingerprint scanners, the company says. The all-in-one device debuted at Trustech, where Aratek reports there was significant engagement and interest from customers in a number of different verticals.

In an email interview, Biometric Update discussed the company’s intellectual property, its new mobile biometric technology, and trends in mobile biometrics with Aratek VP of Sales Samuel Wu.

Aratek’s dynamic optimization algorithm sounds important, but what is it?

Samuel Wu: At the heart of ARATEK is the patented biometric identification algorithm BIONE which gives us an edge in image quality, accuracy of identification, and speed of matching. This algorithm is so accurate and fast that it has been observed to return a fingerprint match in 0.01 seconds. In more ways than one, BIONE is the engine that powers our suite of hardware, software, and middleware products, binding all these components into one cohesive whole. This coming together of hardware, software and algorithm ensures that our turnkey fingerprint solutions create real value for our customers in a wide range of applications.

What areas are Aratek’s 150 patents in?

Research and development has always been ARATEK’s strong suit. Our engineers and design team are in a continuous cycle of inventing and innovating. As a result, we have acquired some 150 patents for hardware including handheld fingerprint devices, fingerprint scanners, embedded fingerprint modules, fingerprint U-disk, as well as software for matching and fingerprint, search software including TrustMe-fingerprint authentication software for PC logon, and the TrustAFIS large-scale fingerprint authentication platform, among others.

What separates Aratek’s mobile biometric solutions from other mobile biometric solutions on the market?

As the world becomes increasingly complex, the need to simplify identification and authentication has become an imperative. More and more, our customers are depending on us for robust, reliable, and secure biometric identification and authentication systems that are easy to use. Aratek has been involved with the biometrics industry for 15 years. We have developed our own technologies for biometric algorithms. Our many years’ experience in software development, hardware design and strong manufacturing capability allow us to produce high volume, good quality products in a short time. We are also flexible, and provide customization for mobile solutions to meet the various requirements of our customers.

Other than the device specifically for police use, what are some of the common customers and use cases for Aratek Mobile Biometric Terminals?

Aratek’s mobile biometric terminals are helping deliver a number of big projects across the globe such as SIM card registration, national ID, voter verification, financial services, and time and attendance.

What industry trends do you see relating to mobile biometrics?

As the smartphone market matures and handsets become increasingly affordable, mobile biometrics companies are starting to take advantage of their supply chain and manufacturing ability. From a hardware standpoint, we will see smaller and lighter devices. From a software perspective, we will see these miniaturized devices running apps that can perform industrial-grade jobs without the need to invest in additional hardware. This revolution is happening as we speak.

Aratek develops both hardware and software, but who are your biometric technology partners?

As a solutions provider, Aratek has been working with many leading fingerprint sensor companies which include Suprema and Integrated Biometrics.

What do people in the biometrics industry need to know about Aratek and its mobile biometric terminals?

“Identifying the World. Easily. Securely.” More than just a slogan, this is our mantra — our driving principle that guides everything that we do. We have made it our mission to provide superior biometric systems that actually solve our customers needs. Invention and innovation are in our DNA and the industry can expect greater things to come out of this company.

What’s next for Aratek?

Aratek just launched Marshall, a fingerprint scanner which promises to revolutionize “identifyanywhere.” It seamlessly integrates with various FBI-certified fingerprint scanners such as FAP20, FAP30, or FAP 45, affording users the utmost flexibility. It also has a built-in printer which allows generation of paper-receipts indispensable in many remote applications.

We are very excited about Marshall being the go-to biometric solution for financial services, social welfare distribution, voter registration and authentication, census, SIM card activation, and mobile time and attendance management.

We are also incubating a lot of exciting things in our labs, one of which is our cloud identity management rental service. This is aimed squarely at organizations which need identity management but do not have the capability to run it themselves. Our vast experience is something that we can leverage into providing managed services that make a difference for our customers.

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