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Digital ID enabling anonymity launched by Liquid Avatar for Web3

Digital ID enabling anonymity launched by Liquid Avatar for Web3

Liquid Avatar is launching its Proof of Humanity digital ID credentials to enable metaverse users to establish a digital footprint proving they are genuine individuals through their biometrics, but without sharing sensitive personal information.

Proof of Humanity is based on blockchain and verifiable credentials, and available through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App. It provides a layer of digital identity that assures other users and service providers that they are a real and unique person, but without sharing information like government-issued IDs or home address, as in a typical know your customer scenario.

The passwordless credentials can be used in Aftermath Islands and other websites, ecommerce platforms and metaverse environments, and can provide age verification, in addition to account access control.

Proof of Humanity can by applied to reduce fraud losses, duplicate accounts and bots, according to the announcement, while enhancing the value of online platforms by ensuring that users are real and unique, and enabling more effective enforcement of platform rules and terms of use.

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App can also provide additional credentials, such as when the trust created by full KYC processes is needed, along with the Meta Park Pass.

“Liquid Avatar’s app allows users to control what they share, when they share and how they share, allowing them to manage, control and benefit from the use of their digital footprint using the Meta Park Pass and other blockchain-based verifiable credentials,” says RJ Reiser, CIO of Liquid Avatar Technologies Inc. “The system also includes features to create verifiable credentials and verify them, creating and supporting identity without the need of usernames and passwords. By combining these digital identifiers for participants and players on our platforms and within the growing constellation of digital offerings and virtual platforms coming up around the world, we make it easier for platforms and players to control their data and secure their privacy wherever they operate — in virtual or in real life.”

Liquid Avatar CEO David Lucatch describes Web3 and the metaverse as “an opportunity to change the failures of previous iterations of the Internet that failed to provide protection for privacy, data, and assurances that only real people exist in an online space.”

The Liquid Avatar Mobile App is already available in the Apple App Store and Google Play in most regions.

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