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Innovatrics launches video injection attack prevention tool

Innovatrics launches video injection attack prevention tool

Deepfake scams have been on the rise and identity verification companies are rushing to tackle them. One of them is Innovatrics, which has introduced a new biometric face verification tool against sophisticated identity fraud.

The company’s Video Injection Attack Detection works with its matching algorithms to confirm a user’s identity by comparing their selfie with their ID portrait. At the same time, liveness detection ensures that the user taking the selfie is indeed present and alive, the EU-based biometric solution provider explains in a release.

The facial recognition tool is meant to prevent fraud such as man-in-the-middle attacks or video injection spoof attacks, which involve injecting fake videos into the remote identity verification process. The Innovatrics Video Injection Attack Detection can detect the authenticity of the camera used during identity verification by capturing not just the video frame from the camera but also camera details.

Deepfakes and synthetic identity fraud have been dominating headlines in the past year, with companies such as ID R&D, PixLab, Intel, VisionLabs and Sumsub releasing anti-deepfake solutions over the summer. In September, both European and U.S. agencies issued guidelines on tackling the rising threat.

But deepfakes can also be used for good. Using synthetic data for training algorithms could solve the issue of restricted access to biometric data due to the upcoming European Union’s AI Act, according to Innovatrics.

The company recently demonstrated its use of generated data for improving algorithms at the Eastern European Machine Learning Summer School organized by Google DeepMind in Kosice, Slovakia. It has also been using synthetic fingerprint fragments to improve algorithms used for detecting fingerprints at a crime scene.

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