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Biometric identity verification launches and deals show diversity of approaches

Biometric identity verification launches and deals show diversity of approaches

The biometric identity verification market covers a wide variety of sectors and use cases, but the breadth is not just in deployments. Recent news displays a variety of technical and conceptual approaches. Signicat and Keyless are updating their products to address KYC needs, while others like Everyware, authID and ConnectID target niche sectors with big opportunities. Some face biometrics providers look to AI for efficiency and cost benefits, while IDnow pairs it with human brains to provide top shelf customer service, and Oz Forensics receives praise.

Everyware launches biometric ID verification suite

Everyware, a digital payments and customer engagement firm, has entered the biometric identity verification market with a new suite of IDV tools. Headquartered in Austin, Texas (and founded by Austin Talley) the company’s expanded focus is a response to increases in payments and identity fraud.

A release announcing the launch says the identity verification product suite includes identity matching and ID document verification tools which can be embedded in digital invoicing and payments, to pause transactions if verification fails. Identity Match conducts instant verification against a large U.S. census and credit bureau dataset. ID Document Verification lets businesses text a secure link to initiate the process of scanning biometric identification documents. And the Identity Liveness Check feature provides real-time selfie biometric matching against original IDs.

“As cybercrime in the financial space is proliferating, businesses must take action today to protect their customers, patients and partners against loss,” says Talley. “Everyware’s augmented Identity Verification Solutions not only fortifies businesses against identity theft and fraud but also ensures a smooth, secure and consistent user experience across digital financial interactions.”

Signicat updates KYC/KYB products with pre-configured workflows

Norwegian biometrics firm Signicat is launching a pair of new identity verification tools for KYC/KYB practices and compliant onboarding. In a release, the company calls its InstantKYC and InstantKYB products “the first KYC and KYB solutions with pre-configured workflows incorporating best practices based on years of experience in numerous industries, including fintech, finance and insurance.”

KYC and KYB processes are complex because you need to balance compliance requirements, like getting hold of the right customer details, with user experience, or making sure the customer is not scared away,” says Thomas Osinga of Signicat. “These new ‘Instant’ workflows contain the ‘best practice’ remote identity verification methods and validation of data in external registers per country, combined in a pre-made process.” In full compliance with local AML regulations, InstantKYC and InstantKYB can be deployed across markets through a single API to reduce time-to-market. Risk scoring searches for fraudulent patterns in early stage onboarding.

Currently, InstantKYC is available in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and the UK. InstantKYB is available in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the Netherlands. Signicat plans to expand access to additional markets soon.

IDnow launches expert-led video verification solution

German biometric IDV provider IDnow has christened its updated expert-led video verification tool VideoIdent Flex. A release says VideoIdent Flex builds on IDnow’s original VideoIdent product by blending AI with human interaction to keep up with evolving identity anti-fraud, KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) processes. It does this through a human-based video call feature that combines live video identity verification with the skills of hundreds of trained verification experts.

VideoIdent Flex’s tech has been re-engineered specifically for the UK market. But it is also customizable, with preset configurations to ensure compliance with regional regulations. It aims to improve conversion rates, reduce fraud and increase inclusivity, while offering a high-end service experience to end users.

“In a landscape of evolving fraud tactics and steady UK bank branch closures, our solution draws on our decade’s worth of video verification experience and fraud insights, empowering UK businesses to maintain a competitive edge by offering a white glove service for VIP onboarding,” says Bertrand Bouteloup, chief commercial officer at IDnow. “In a world where fraud is consistently increasing, our video capability paired with our experts adds a powerful layer of security, especially for those businesses and customers that require a face-to-face interaction.”

ServiceSeeking online marketplace joins ConnectID ecosystem

ConnectID, the digital identity ecosystem owned by Australian Payments Plus, is integrating with ServiceSeeking, an online marketplace for services from small-to-medium enterprises in Australia. A release says the integration allows service providers to verify their identity through ConnectID using an existing trusted source, such as their bank.

“Trust is especially important in our industry, particularly when conducting online transactions or entering someone’s private space,” says Oliver Pennington, director of ServiceSeeking. “Digital ID solutions like ConnectID help us understand who we can trust and who we should, or should not, engage in business. It makes sure our network is safe.”

Notarial verification system to use authID biometric ID software

A press release says the National Notarial Centralized Verification System (NNCVS) will deploy  biometric identity life-cycle software from authID Inc., to provide real-time identity assurance for the company’s online platform for commissioned U.S. notaries and their clients. NNCVS’s decision was driven by a need for defenses against social engineering fraud, adversarial generative AI and ransomware attacks. The organization says it is “the first-ever nationwide verification system for notaries.” Available 24-7, it offers authID’s real-time authentication through selfie capture with validation in 700 milliseconds, plus data sharing capabilities and strong security protocols.

Rhon Daguro, CEO of authID, says the tool “ensures that digital enterprises know who is behind the device during onboarding and throughout the user journey to prevent cybercriminals from impersonating users, deploying deepfakes, or performing account takeovers and seizing assets.”

Keyless to provide selfie-to-ID identity verification for EnQualify KYC

Biometric authentication firm Keyless has announced a new strategic partnership with London-based EnQualify, a provider of KYC tools, to enhance EnQualify’s user verification through biometrics and AI-driven KYC processes. The integration enables the use of selfie biometrics and liveness detection for continuous authentication.

“Our partnership with EnQualify is a leap towards eradicating outdated authentication practices,” says Andrea Carmignani, CEO of Keyless. “By integrating our Zero-Knowledge Biometrics technology with EnQualify’s AI-driven KYC, we’ve established a unified platform that enhances security, reduces fraud and cuts costs, all whilst improving the user experience.”

Oz Forensics’ authentication software gets glowing reviews

A release says G2’s Grid Spring 2024 Report for Biometric Authentication names Oz Forensics’ Oz Biometry as a “high performer” in the customer reviews department. Testimonials praised Oz Biometry’s security, automation, speed, support, mobile app integrations, and easy interface.

Artem Gerasimov, CEO of the Dubai-based vendor of AI-powered liveness detection and face-matching tools, says “the user-friendly interface is crucial, as end-users should not face any challenges during security procedures.”

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