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Biometric R&D

Biometric R&D refers to significant research and development in the biometrics sphere, from academia to applications. This includes market research, product development, awards recognition as well as new inventions and innovations.


Def Con contest pits hackers against facial recognition systems

A new contest was announced at the hacker convention Def Con in Las Vegas, pitting teams against each other as…


US loses appetite for university research but not China

In a report that should surprise no one, China is funding sensitive research – including biometric surveillance tools — in…


NIST listening to AI community on a proposed risk management framework

The U.S. government wants everyone to do better at incorporating trust into their AI products’ design, development, use and evaluation….


Gait recognition could be better than face biometrics to ID coboting workers

Citing the need for a workplace robot to know the humans working around it, researchers writing in the journal Scientific…


What private data? New camera only sees what it’s told to look for

Researchers say they have devised a camera that can take pictures of target objects and nothing else in the frame….


American researchers probe where biometric bias comes in and how to measure it

A pair of papers on why biometric systems are so often found to be less effective with some demographic groups…


Digital identity verification spending to pass $20B by 2027, but security challenges remain

Businesses around the world are spending $11.6 billion on digital identity verification this year, and that amount will nearly double…


SiLC doubles its lidar range, could make face biometric matches farther away

A vision sensor startup claims its silicon photonics can see, identify and avoid objects more than a kilometer in the…


New biometrics products, IP and standards on the way

New standards related to biometrics and online transactions are coming from NIST, and are behind two of the week’s most-read…


Some people really do have doppelgangers and that could be a biometric problem

If everyone really does have an unrelated twin somewhere on the planet, that is bad news for facial recognition-based security…

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