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Biometric R&D

Biometric R&D refers to significant research and development in the biometrics sphere, from academia to applications. This includes market research, product development, awards recognition as well as new inventions and innovations.


Biometric recognition tests can’t be used for all use cases

Trust being essential to the algorithmic identification industry, it bears noting that having tests for, say, performance is not enough…


Thales opens design center in India to boost pursuit of local market

Multinational diversified electronics firm Thales has opened its first design center in India. The company says the center will develop…


Onboarding made easier in smart home networks using Matter protocol

NXP Semiconductors has released a chip that the company says will make it easier and more secure to bring Matter-compliant…


DHS Biometric Rally results show groups pose little challenge to effective matching

Biometric technology is very close to allowing people in airports to pass through identification areas for processing in small groups,…


Startup Omnigarde passes full set of NIST fingerprint interoperability tests

California-based Omnigarde has passed a U.S. government fingerprint template interoperability test, for both the generation and matching of biometric templates….


Patent for irreversible data tokenization nears approval

Digital ID services firm Trust Stamp has announced it has all but received a patent for a method of securely…


ID R&D releases tool to tackle injection attacks and deepfakes

ID R&D has released new biometric software designed to address deepfake and digital injection attacks. Called IDLive Face Plus, the…


IDloop develops 3D fingerprint scanner with microscopic resolution, joins accelerator

Germany-based IDloop has developed a contactless 3D fingerprint scanner that it says is the first of its kind with microscopic…


Infineon, TrustSEC team up to strengthen biometric smart card security

Infineon Technologies AG and TrustSEC have joined forces to launch BIO-SLCOS, a smart cards operating system utilizing Infineon’s latest SLC38…


Double anonymity to bring age verification to porn and social media in France

“2023 will see the end of access to pornographic sites for our children,” said French Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrot at…

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