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Biometric liveness detection authentication IP.

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Biometric liveness detection platform launched by Kairos, as Brivas gets NOA for patent

Florida-based face biometrics developer Kairos has emerged from a quiet period with an identity verification platform featuring unbiased AI, selfie…

Jan 21, 2022

Brivas adds architectural alternatives to biometric liveness patent family

Brivas has been granted its seventh patent, with approval for a system providing a biometric liveness check on a local client…

Jan 31, 2020

Could cloud liveness detection and facial biometrics make high security attractive?

A recently granted U.S. patent links facial recognition, liveness detection and cloud computing. In June 2018, a secretive licensing startup…

Jan 24, 2018

Authentication startup Brivas’ liveness detection portfolio growing

Brivas is a startup with a significant and growing portfolio of patents related to liveness detection and biometric authentication. The…

Jan 6, 2016

BRIVAS patents biometric authentication method using liveness verification

BRIVAS announced it has been granted a US patent for a biometric authentication method called “Authentication Method Using Liveness Verification”…

Feb 6, 2015

Brivas granted US patent for biometric encryption

Brivas announced it has been granted a US patent for biometric encryption. The background description for patent #8,949,619 B2, entitled…

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