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NEC (stock info) is the global leader in the field of biometric authentication, bringing the best of their class in the world, providing the most suitable solutions to customers’ needs in six areas—face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint/palmprint recognition, voice recognition and ear acoustic authentication. In addition, by combining multiple biometric authentication systems, NEC’s solutions bring about even more robust security, creating a safe, secure and seamless future cities.

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Philadelphia Airport starts biometric exit screening project

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is rolling out on January 21 a 45-day biometric screening trial project at three international gates…

Jan 13, 2020Airport biometrics predications, deployments, upgrades and plans for future services
Jan 13, 2020NEC seeks $1B in revenue in India by 2025 and biometrics could play a big role
Dec 20, 2019Japanese companies identify facial recognition opportunity in conflict between U.S. and China
Dec 13, 2019NEC to supply biometrics to four Indian airports for Digi Yatra as Dubai launches passport control trial
Dec 12, 2019Airport biometrics use grows in Beijing, Rome, San Fran, Tokyo and Delhi as Schiphol spoofed
Dec 6, 2019NEC America facility to demonstrate end-to-end biometric technologies for federal government
Dec 5, 2019NEC subsidiary buys Disaster Victim Identification System from Plass Data
Nov 25, 2019NEC and INTERPOL join forces to toughen cybersecurity
Nov 7, 2019Air travel industry’s $50B investment in biometrics and other IT improves passenger satisfaction
Nov 6, 2019Biometrics stocks news: NEC and Zwipe gain, acquisitions, and a resilient scam
Oct 25, 2019NEC revealed as provider of biometric facial recognition services for Australian Federal Police
Oct 8, 2019NEC XON introduces biometric KYC solution for fast SIM, bank card circulation
Oct 3, 2019NEC tops several NIST Facial Recognition Vendor Test categories as accuracy at scale improves
Oct 3, 2019NEC partners with BlackRidge to carry advanced cybersecurity technology

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How digital technology can be the difference in making cities safer

Today’s terror groups have changed by using digital technology, much like how companies and governments have embraced digital transformation. Besides…

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