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NEC (stock info) is the global leader in the field of biometric authentication, bringing the best of their class in the world, providing the most suitable solutions to customers’ needs in six areas—face recognition, iris recognition, fingerprint/palmprint recognition, voice recognition and ear acoustic authentication. In addition, by combining multiple biometric authentication systems, NEC’s solutions bring about even more robust security, creating a safe, secure and seamless future cities.

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NEC and Nagasaki University partner for global health and biometric authentication program

NEC Corporation has partnered with Nagasaki University to establish a program on global health and biometric authentication for Nagasaki University’s…

Apr 4, 2019NEC develops privacy and rights principles for applying biometrics and other AI
Mar 20, 2019NEC partners to launch retail insight services powered by biometrics and AI
Mar 19, 2019Atos develops access control system to manage biometric screening for Olympic participants
Mar 13, 2019NEC biometric tech selected for Narita Airport’s curb-to-gate identification automation system
Mar 7, 2019NEC participating in SXSW 2019 with biometric art exhibit
Mar 6, 2019Little overlap between NIST facial recognition testing leaders and U.S. government providers
Mar 4, 2019Airport deployments of facial recognition in Asia-Pacific continue rapid growth
Feb 25, 2019NEC facial recognition technology behind new biometric ATMs in Taiwan
Feb 15, 2019NEC technology deployed for Japanese digital security project in Ivory Coast
Feb 11, 2019NEC person re-identification tech matches images of people partially hidden from cameras
Jan 17, 2019NEC provides demo real-time facial recognition system for 5G lab
Jan 3, 2019NEC acquires Danish IT company KMD to deliver biometrics to public sector
Jan 2, 2019NEC updates facial recognition software with protection functionality
Dec 19, 2018NEC weighs in on regulation of facial recognition and urges biometric industry dialogue

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How digital technology can be the difference in making cities safer

Today’s terror groups have changed by using digital technology, much like how companies and governments have embraced digital transformation. Besides…

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