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Website: yoonik.me

Founded late 2019, YooniK simplifies all consumer interactions with contactless, secure and private face authentication on any device in industries as diverse as retail, banking and payments, travel and hospitality, healthcare, self-service and delivery. Recently becoming top 3 in Europe and Americas for accuracy, YooniK is introducing unprecedented privacy levels to the market, through zero knowledge proof technology, by ensuring not even YooniK can match users in contexts they haven’t authorised.

YooniK Biometrics News


Selfie biometrics deployed for KYC, hotel check-ins and Microsoft Teams

YooniK joined forces with Host Hotel Systems to bring biometrics to the hospitality sector and iDenfy with Primo Dialler to…

Oct 19, 2022

Biometrics with self-sovereign identity combo pitched to solve authentication challenges

YooniK CEO and Co-founder Pedro Torres sees an important place for biometrics in self-sovereign identity, despite the two technologies having…

Dec 10, 2021

YooniK reports face biometrics accuracy gains in latest NIST test

YooniK is reporting leading results for biometric accuracy in the latest round of testing by the U.S. National Institute of Standards…

May 4, 2021

FaceTec selfie biometrics integrated for enterprises by Veritran as market stays hot

A series of partnerships and customer wins for selfie biometrics and identity verification tools for customer compliance have been announced…

Apr 20, 2021

iProov, Socure and YooniK each form face biometrics partnerships

Belgian digital identity app itsme has selected iProov’s biometric face verification with Genuine Presence Assurance technology to support its global…

Jan 20, 2021

YooniK places among facial recognition accuracy leaders from Western nations in December NIST test

Face biometrics startup YooniK scored accuracy results in the mid-December edition of NIST’s Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT) that the company says…

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