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High traffic identification tops this week’s biometrics and digital ID news

Progress in Nigeria and in airport biometrics systems make up several of the most popular articles on Biometric Update this…


Fingerprint biometrics companies look to cashless shift for boost

Fingerprint Cards expects commercial use of payment cards with fingerprint biometrics to begin next year with society moving away from…


Fingerprint Cards confirms its FPC1511 sensor included in Samsung Galaxy A10s

Fingerprint Cards has confirmed that the company’s FPC1511 fingerprint sensor is being used in the new Samsung Galaxy A10s smartphone….


Biometrics stocks corporate updates: Fingerprint Cards, Zwipe, OneSpan, Idex and CyberLink

A number of publicly traded biometric companies have made recent announcements, reporting new sales, executive appointments, activities and share transactions….


Fingerprint Cards’ biometrics featured in new Huawei, Honor and LG smartphones

Fingerprint Cards announced today that new smartphone models launched by Huawei, Honor and LG feature its biometric fingerprint sensor technology….


Biometrics companies report solid but inconsistent growth in Q2: FPC, IDEX, Imageware, BIO-key, SuperCom

Biometrics sensor, software, and hardware companies have issued earnings reports, showing shifts in some parts of the market, including growth…


Ipsidy, Synaptics and Nuance announce earnings in shifting biometrics market

Three biometrics companies have released earnings reports which show mixed results, and a fourth has commented on the potential impact…


Bio-key, Fingerprint Cards and Idex Biometrics reporting Q2 results August 15

Bio-Key International, Fingerprint Cards and Idex Biometrics each announced today that they will be reporting Q2 2019 financial results on…


Payments, travel, and facial recognition top this week’s biometrics and digital ID news

Biometrics, and in particular facial recognition, for payments and travel dominated the most-read stories on Biometric Update for the past…


Biometric card certification, auto applications and AI issues top this week’s biometrics and digital ID news

Significant progress was announced this week in several different areas of biometrics applications, and international issues related to identity and…

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