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Biometric Update regularly releases posts about vein recognition. The following set of links is available to help you find biometrics news about vein recognition. More tags may be perused by reviewing our comprehensive Biometrics Topics list.


Fists used in biometric research seeking most practical, accurate ID system

Researchers based in Australia and China say their new biometric system can correctly identify individuals by hand veins with at…


Manchester Mayor launches FinGo biometrics working group

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham is launching a biometrics working group to explore the use of vein recognition technology in…


Face, vein, fingerprint biometrics upgrades for physical access control systems announced

A facial recognition engine for access control from Tech5 has been updated, Centaman has added face biometrics to its own…


Biometric platform functionality added to BioSec palm vein middleware

The LifePass biometric middleware from BioSec has graduated into a full-blown platform, the company says, with the ability to combine to…


Apple awarded biometrics patents for under-display fingerprinting and self-calibrating VR helmets

Apple has been awarded a patent for an under-display optical biometric fingerprint sensor for an electronic device by the U.S….


Vein biometrics could answer security challenges of face recognition

Vein recognition is a biometric modality around which activity has picked up substantially, in terms of research but also pilots and new…


Biometrics innovation and investment on the rise, government digital ID drive continues

Innovations in biometric technology and government digital ID are the twin themes of the week’s top biometrics news. A new…


Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Aktif Bank partner to assess vein biometric authentication platform for Turkish market

Mitsubishi will assess the potential of a biometric authentication platform in Turkey in a feasibility study, along with a European…


A laser hits finger veins with a ‘poof,’ and a new biometric tool is born

A team of academic and industry researchers say they have created a biometric scanner that uses light and sound to…


Dispension is a leading solutions provider for the secure, automated and contactless distribution of regulated products. Starting with a harm…

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