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voice biometrics

Biometric Update regularly writes posts related to the term "voice biometrics." The following set of links is available to assist you with finding biometrics news concerning "voice biometrics" and other relevant terms. Additional topics may be explored by reviewing our entire Biometrics Topics list.


What is emotion recognition, and how can biometrics be used to perform it?

At a basic level, emotion recognition (ER) is the process of identifying human sentiment. While there have been many contributions…


Researchers reveal PVC pipe spoof threat to voice biometrics

Digital security engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have discovered a weakness in automatic speaker identification systems that can be…


Biometrics firms caught in data privacy complaints turn to arbitration

Short of actually winning a biometrics privacy lawsuit in the U.S. states of Illinois and California there seems only one…


PhD student uses deepfake to pass popular voice authentication and spoof detection system

University of Waterloo (UW) cybersecurity PhD student Andre Kassis published his findings after being granted access to an account protected…


Amazon settles suit over retention of kids’ voice data

The U.S. Department of Justice says Amazon will pay a comparatively modest civil penalty for allegedly violating multiple laws and…


Voice replication feature identified as potential threat to voice biometrics

With Apple’s iOS 17 upgrade, iPhone users can now sign up for the Personal Voice beta release, a voice generator…


The evolution of identity in a digital-first world

With continually changing landscapes and macroeconomic uncertainty, digital products and the team that manage them remain determined in their contributions…


The evolution of identity in a digital-first world

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US pols worried about voice cloning. Industry says they’ve got it covered

If some U.S. Senators are worried about the security of voice biometrics being used by banks, software vendors say they…


Daon adds algorithms to improve deepfake detection for voice and face biometrics

Responding to the ongoing rise of deepfake technology, Daon has announced an update to its IdentityX and TrustX biometrics platforms….

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