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CLR Labs

CLR Labs is a technology evaluation laboratory of biometrics, digital identities and security technologies founded by multidisciplinary industry experts cumulating an unique experience in biometrics and security. The Technology Evaluation Laboratory covers all aspects of biometrics, digital identities and mobile security expertise.

CLR Labs Biometrics News


CLR Labs compares biometric spoof evaluations, urges attention to injection attacks

Biometric data injection attacks are increasingly associated with deepfakes, as attackers use camera emulators to spoof remote identity proofing systems…

May 25, 2023

First European certificate program for presentation attack detection

Working together, a pair of European digital technology metrics firms say they have created a conformity assessment scheme a step…

Nov 10, 2022

Global recognition of EU trust services for digital ID slowly moves forward

Five experts in the field of digital identity shared their opinions and ideas about global recognition of EU trust services…

May 4, 2022

Workshop showcases EU progress on remote identity proofing, but fragmentation persists

The legal, technical, and user requirements for remote digital identity proofing are sometimes contradictory, but must be navigated by service…

Feb 24, 2022

Unissey, ME Group face biometrics each pass liveness compliance testing by CLR Labs

French face biometrics firm Unissey has received the ISO/IEC 30107-3 standard Level 2 substantial certification after passing presentation attack detection…

Oct 1, 2021

Startup Unissey passes biometric presentation attack detection test, first by French lab CLR

The Cabinet Louis Reynaud Labs (CLR) group has conducted its first evaluation of the ISO/IEC 30107 standard, finding French biometrics…

Apr 13, 2021

CLR Labs and LSTI partner on biometrics assessment for remote identity verification

CLR Labs, part of the Cabinet Louis Reynaud Group, and conformity assessment body LSTI have partnered to offer a full…

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