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PayByFace BV
Johan Huizingalaan 763 A
3rd floor - 1066 VH
Amsterdam, Netherlands

PayByFace srl
Bucharest, 1st District,
Hrisovului Street No. 2-4,
flat building 2, 1st floor,
apt. 88, 1st room


Website: paybyface.io

A customer centric, seamless and secure digital payment ecosystem for a safer, faster and more convenient shopping experience.

PayByFace Biometrics News


PayByFace expands across European markets

The Amsterdam-based biometric payment processing startup PayByFace has announced agreements to expand into several European markets including Netherlands, UK, Ireland,…

Apr 2, 2024

FaceTec exec with experience in digital ID, standards leads biometrics hiring spree

In a post on LinkedIn, digital ID executive Geoff Slagle has announced his new role with FaceTec, as he joins…

Sep 22, 2022

PayByFace expansion brings retail biometrics to South Africa, India, UAE, US

Romanian biometric firm PayByFace has deployed its face recognition-powered payment solutions in South Africa, India, UAE, and the U.S. The…

Jun 3, 2022

PayByFace receives strategic investment from SafexPay, CEO discusses plans to go global

After being named as a participant in Mastercard’s Biometric Checkout Program, PayByFace announced a strategic investment from Indian fintech SafexPay…

May 17, 2022

Mastercard launches retail biometrics program with Brazil pilot

Mastercard launches its Biometric Checkout Program for ‘pay by smile’ facial recognition payment authentication with Brazil’s Payface at five São Paulo…

May 20, 2021

Biometrics in retail: Yoti, PayByFace, and Heslo close new partnerships

A number of companies have unveiled updates to their biometric and digital identity authentication platforms for ecommerce applications. Eftpos announced…

Apr 26, 2021

PayByFace CEO on new personal VR assistant and biometric platform updates

PayByFace has been working to expand the reach and effectiveness of its biometric payment solutions, with a busy start to 2021….

Mar 15, 2021

Retail biometrics heating up with new cloud services, successful PoCs, expansion and joint venture

Retailers continue to roll out biometrics for a range of applications, and CyberLink provides examples in the form of a…

Mar 10, 2021

PayByFace, VisionLabs face biometrics deployments for retail payments showcase regional demand

Bulgaria’s Raiffeisenbank has begun testing touchless payments with face biometrics from PayByFace through the Visa Innovation Program. The bank intends…

Dec 28, 2020

PayByFace CEO discusses biometric payments, privacy and expansion plans

PayByFace has spent the past year significantly ramping up its biometric payments for in-store purchases, raising the profile of its…

Dec 9, 2020

Biometric payment tools deployed by PayByFace, Wee Digital, PayEye, and Fujitsu

The pandemic has seen a proliferation of contactless biometric payment systems, designed to limit physical contact between merchants and customers,…

Oct 8, 2020

Biometrics industry could face major opportunity with return of concerts and live sports

Contactless fan experiences and limiting the physical interaction between attendees and venue employees will be a major focus for spectator…

Sep 4, 2020

PayByFace, GlobalPlatform release APIs to improve customer experience, biometric authentication

Biometric fintech PayByFace has introduced a Developer Portal to give third-party developers early access to several application programming interfaces (APIs)…

Aug 13, 2020

PayByFace launches biometric payments for Up Romania cardholders

Following a partnership with Romanian fintech PayByFace, Up Romania meal and gift cardholders can now make payments with biometric facial…

Aug 7, 2020

PayByFace names new Advisory Board member, gets funding to support biometric payments growth

Biometric payment processing platform PayByFace has named Sreejit Ankarath, head of the Consulting, Transformation and Global Alliances with Tech Mahindra, as…

Jul 24, 2020

PayByFace launches touchless payments with facial biometrics to coffee chain in Romania

PayByFace has launched a biometric facial recognition-based payments system to Tucano Coffee shops in Bucharest in collaboration with Romanian online card…

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