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Qualcomm chooses Precise Biometrics fingerprint software for ultrasonic 3D sensors

Precise Biometrics will supply its BioMatch Mobile software for integration into Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Gen2 and Sonic 3D Max in-display…


ZTE reveals under-display face biometrics system for smartphones

Chinese consumer electronics maker ZTE has revealed a new under-display facial recognition system at the MWC Shanghai conference, Engadget Chinese…


In-display fingerprint biometrics featured on new Redmi and Samsung smartphones, maybe Pixel 6

The new version of Android appears to include native support for in-display fingerprint biometrics, and possibly multi-modal phone unlocking with…


Apple eyes next-generation biometric scanners for under-display Touch ID

A new patent application by Apple is signaling the company’s emphasis on biometric photodetector technology for under-display touch identification to…


New rumors hint at in-screen Touch ID and Face ID biometrics on iPhone 13

The upcoming iPhone 13 lineup could feature biometric authentication with a combination of in-screen Touch ID and Face ID, a…


trinamiX in-display biometric face authentication platform improves smartphone design

Face biometric solutions firm trinamiX has announced a new 3D imaging solution for authentication with consumer mobile devices. The company’s…


New optical in-display sensor for fingerprint biometrics described in Apple patent filing

A patent application for an under-display optical fingerprint biometric sensor based on a narrow field-of-view collimator filed by Apple has been…


Apple hints at ultrasonic voice biometrics, in-display fingerprints and foldable screens

Apple would be reportedly working on an iPhone with a foldable screen, according to a company insider who spoke to…


New tech for in-display biometrics developed by Qualcomm, Samsung

Qualcomm has announced that its newest in-display biometric fingerprint sensors will be deployed in smartphones early this year, writes Engadget….


Apple awarded biometrics patents for under-display fingerprinting and self-calibrating VR helmets

Apple has been awarded a patent for an under-display optical biometric fingerprint sensor for an electronic device by the U.S….

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