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Civil / National ID

Civil ID is used to identify or verify the identity of individuals when interacting with governments, though increasingly it is also used for regulated private industries, such as mobile phone accounts. Government examples of civil ID use could include document issuance, border management, voter registration or employment background checks. Find Civil ID solutions here.


Tunisia’s biometric ID project back on the table but advocates want data protection guarantees

After failed attempts in 2015 and 2020, the Tunisian government has resumed the idea of introducing biometrics-based identification documents such…


Australia’s digital ID may launch in July, here’s what to expect

Australia’s government has offered a tentative rollout date for its nationwide digital ID, setting it on July 1st, 2024. The…


Major biometrics investments carry promise of wider deployments

Big money biometrics deals returned to the headlines this week on Biometric Update, and along with emerging applications provide encouraging…


UNDP, World Bank take stock of digital transformation progress

The UNDP and World Bank continue to promote DPI development in the Global South. Marcos Neto, UN director of policy…


Philippines launches new digital ID authentication service, promotes enrollment drive

The Philippine’s digital identity authority PhilSys has developed authentication services to enable more secure transactions through biometrics and digital ID….


Harmonizing work planned for Australian digital driver’s licenses

An association of Australia and New Zealand government officials say they are preparing to harmonize digital identification documents. The group,…


India continues its fight against Aadhaar fraud

India is trying to fight rampant Aadhaar fraud by compelling government institutions to improve their processes and launching crackdowns on…


Germany to mandate biometric photos for documents

Starting in May 2025, German authorities will accept only biometric photographs for official documents, including IDs, passports and immigration documents….


Veridos supplying new digital ID cards for Macau

German biometrics and identity solutions firm Veridos is providing the latest generation of digital ID cards for the Macau Special…


ID.me verifies 50M users while IDnow, Tools for Humanity sign up digital wallet partners

ID.me has announced it has verified 50 million users’ IDs in the ID.me identity wallet. IDnow and netID are collaborating…

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