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Civil / National ID

Civil ID is used to identify or verify the identity of individuals when interacting with governments, though increasingly it is also used for regulated private industries, such as mobile phone accounts. Government examples of civil ID use could include document issuance, border management, voter registration or employment background checks. Find Civil ID solutions here.


Hospitals have heard for years to deploy ID infrastructure; here’s a new nudge

A day’s not complete in the digital ID world until someone (and usually it’s many people) shakes a stick accusingly…


Ethiopia digital ID program seeking biometric registration kits, SDK toolkit

Ethiopia is accepting bids to supply and install biometric registration kits for use in the country’s national digital ID program….


Belize to kick off national ID and biometric data strategy as soon as March

Belize is moving towards building its national identification system and formulating a strategy for biometric data with future plans for…


UK’s photo ID requirement for voting stirs backlash against government

The UK is planning to introduce mandatory photo identification for voters during national elections for the first time this year….


Nigerian States receive biometric devices to step up digital ID enrollment

The National Identity Management Commission of Nigeria (NIMC) says it has boosted the digital ID enrollment capacity of all states…


Vietnam consults ahead of biometric database law implementation

Government authorities in Vietnam have been sharing views with concerned parties on how to ensure the effective coming into force…


Kenyans suffer huge ID card backlog as court verdict on Maisha Namba rollout awaited

There is said to be a national ID card issuance crisis in Kenya since the close of last year when…


A big-box retail version of synthetic ID has shaken some

A newer U.S. tech culture publication claims it has tested an AI site that generates convincing photos of fake IDs…


Indonesia urges massive signup for new digital ID to ease access to public services

Indonesian authorities are calling on citizens to activate the Identitas Kependudukan Digital (IKD) as the government is looking forward to…


Bahrain sees high uptake of digital ID, CRVS services through online platforms

Bahraini authorities say there was a massive uptake of digital ID and civil registration services using digital platforms in 2023,…

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