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Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology

Innovative Technology offer a range of cutting-edge, non-intrusive, AI-powered biometric solutions. Using facial analysis to intelligently identify people more efficiently and securely, their solutions allow customers to easily add age estimation and facial recognition functionality to their existing equipment or premises. Their range relies on proprietary algorithms developed in-house, and uses precise age verification technology that has been independently certified by the Age Check Certification Scheme (ACCS). Boasting GDPR compliance and with no recurring fees, Innovative Technology have made the latest in biometrics innovation accessible and affordable for all.

Their biometrics range includes:

MyCheckr: Anonymous Age Estimation

An all-in-one device that performs anonymous age estimation to assist with the sale of age restricted goods such as alcohol, tobacco and vapes. The MyCheckr screen also has the ability to display digital advertising to specific demographics.

ICU Lite: Integrated Age Estimation

Integrate into a machine to automate age restricted sales at a self-service checkout or prevent underage gambling at a gaming machine.

ICU Pro: Automated Access Control

ICU Pro uses facial recognition to automate access control to buildings and machinery. Never forget your key or pass again, your face is all you need!

Innovative Technology Biometrics News


ITL officially introduces age check coordination app

Innovative Technology (ITL) has announced the official launch of the Alerts App — a central communication hub that connects all…

May 26, 2024

ITL’s Alerts App expands biometric portfolio to integrated venue management

Businesses from every sector all face access control challenges to ensure the security and safety of their staff and customers….

May 8, 2024

Biometric age estimation shows maturity with ITL milestone, PixLab launch, Incode testing

The market for biometric age estimation is heating up as laws and regulations are enacted and debated all over the…

May 7, 2024

ID R&D, G+D, Keyo hire new skills to jack up market growth ambitions

Some players in the biometrics and digital identity industry, namely ID R&D, G+D, Keyo, Innovative Technology and Saviynt, recently announced…

May 1, 2024

Diebold Nixdorf joins biometric age estimation market as ITL addresses privacy concerns

Automatic age estimation from Diebold Nixdorf based on face biometrics has been deployed for self-service checkouts at EDEKA Jaeger’s store…

Apr 12, 2024

Options for biometric age assurance and how to orchestrate them take Summit spotlight

Presentations at the Global Age Assurance Standards Summit on Thursday largely centered on the technologies available to meet the standards,…

Mar 22, 2024

Age verification could mitigate retailer fines from UK’s Tobacco and Vapes Bill

The Tobacco and Vapes Bill will introduce penalties for underaged tobacco and vape sales in England and Wales. Among other…

Feb 28, 2024

Global demand for age estimation, verification drives deals for ITL, new entrants

Innovative Technology’s in-person age estimation technology has won a vote of trust from Buckinghamshire and Surrey Trading Standards, while startup…

Feb 2, 2024

Anonybit, Innovatrics, Advance.AI and Veriff bring in C-suite leaders

New C-level appointments have been unveiled by Anonybit, Innovatrics, Advance.AI and Veriff.  D3 Labs, ITL and Simprints also added talent…

Jan 29, 2024

Age verification integrations span from brick-and-mortar retail to bikeshare apps

Fujitsu facial scanners will be used to perform age verification in UK supermarkets, despite the company’s involvement in a major…

Dec 21, 2023

Spanish regulator consults public on age verification

Age verification and age estimation technology is gaining ground across Canada, Australia, the UK and the U.S. and with more…

Oct 26, 2023

ITL names vape industry trading partner, to present age estimation tool at upcoming event

Age estimation and cash validation provider Innovative Technology (ITL) have named the Dyflin Group as the first trading partner responsible…

Sep 21, 2023

ITL gets Swiss distributor for biometric age checks, joins vaping industry association

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) biometric age verification and cash handling systems will be supplied to the Swiss market under a…

Aug 25, 2023

ITL brings facial age estimation to Dutch retailers

Innovative Technology (ITL), a company that provides biometric age-checking devices to retailers, is bringing its hardware to the Netherlands. Its…

Jul 31, 2023

Retail face biometrics devices roll out in Germany for age checks, China for payments

Biometrics are being deployed in the retail and hospitality industries for automated age estimation, payments and more. ITL has revealed…

Jun 19, 2023

UK retailer uses ITL biometrics to verify age as teen vaping risks pile up

A Bestway Retail convenience store in the city of Southampton has installed facial biometrics-based age estimation software and hardware designed…

Apr 25, 2023

Currency exchange kiosks with ITL face biometrics deployed across Europe

Currency exchange kiosks using facial recognition software developed by Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL)  to comply with daily transaction limits have…

Feb 22, 2023

Anonymized demographic data, targeted advertising added to ITL’s age estimation

Innovative Technology has upgraded its biometric age estimation device with capabilities to display targeted advertising and to collect anonymized demographic…

Jan 19, 2023

Biometrics emerge as key solution for gaming industry’s verification challenges

Biometric technology is seen as a solution for the gaming industry to robustly verify players’ identities and ages while providing…

Jan 13, 2023

US retail conference draws biometrics for payments, marketing and age estimation

Biometrics still plays a small role in the United States’ retail industry compared to more conventional technologies, but innovations are…

Brand Focus: Innovative Technology


ITL’s Alerts App expands biometric portfolio to integrated venue management

Businesses from every sector all face access control challenges to ensure the security and safety of their staff and customers….

May 10, 2022ITL’s MyCheckr: a step forward in age estimation

Innovative Technology White Papers


Age Verification: Determining age using facial features

Can we accurately estimate a person’s age without referring to personal documents? To what accuracy can we do this, and…

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