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Zimbabwe’s leader a controversial proponent of biometric IDs

It likely is not the endorsement that backers of digital national IDs would seek, but the controversial President of Zimbabwe…


Pakistani political ‘hecklers’ threatened with blocked biometric ID, bank accounts

Pakistan’s Interior Minister has warned that supporters of recently-ousted prime minister Imran Khan and his Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party whose…


ID verification explainer: How does IDV tech work?

ID document validation technologies are tools designed to assist companies and governments in establishing the authenticity of documents. IDVTs typically…


Start small, test, and iterate: legal ID delivery advice from OpenCRVS engagement lead

Civil registration and vital statistics registries are critical tools for governments to understand the populations they are trying to serve;…


Are overly simplistic national ID programs creating more exclusion?

Too many people advocating for digital national IDs make it sound like development programs are just an overlay on a…


Singapore introduces parents’ dialects to digital birth certificates after pushback

Singaporean authorities have bowed to public pressure to include parents’ dialects in their children’s digital birth certificates from 1 September….


IDScan touts ID verification business with a large cannabis retailer

The top leaders at ID authenticity checking firm IDScan.net seem to see a lot of upside to participating in the…


Philippines going digital by default? Vietnam’s national IDs ‘introduced’

Vietnam and The Philippines are moving on digital IDs, although only one of the South China Sea nations as part…


US govt considers special ID card for some asylum seekers

A proposal already being politicized by anti-immigration forces in the United States would give immigrants a phot ID card for…


Industry experts propose tips on protecting digital ID after death

Experts in the digital ID security industry are highlighting the importance of securing one’s digital ID accounts, even after the…

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