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Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprints are one of many biometric modalities used to identify individuals and verify their identity, and are widely used in government systems and mobile devices. Find fingerprint recognition solutions here.


BIPA defendants and their biometrics providers protected by common interest (sometimes)

A judge in the Northern District of Illinois has denied a motion from a plaintiff under the state’s Biometric Information…


UK researchers extract drug residue from gel-lifted fingerprint biometrics

A new breakthrough in a familiar technology could help researchers use fingerprint biometrics to solve cold cases. A press release…


Burkina Faso gets support from Japan to enroll IDPs for biometric ID

The government of Burkina Faso recently got a boost from Japan to its efforts in conducting biometric identity enrollment for…


Biometric payment cards launching in Bangladesh, approved by Mastercard

Idex Biometrics is supplying fingerprint biometric technology for payment cards to Bangladesh-based Mutual Trust Bank, as the biometrics provider expands…


Researchers develop display screens with biometric sensor capabilities

Traditional display screens like those built into smartphones require extra sensors for touch control, ambient light, and fingerprint sensing. These…


Idemia discusses faster police operations, improved outcomes with livescan biometrics

Biometrics, and fingerprints in particular, have long been one of the pillars of forensics work performed by police and crime…


Latent fingerprint software improvements save police time with higher accuracy

Latent fingerprints are the original raison d’etre for the biometrics industry, but the technology behind their collection and matching is…


Zwipe, Idex deals expand biometric access control card market reach

Two of Norway’s biometrics providers have secured significant new deals tied to the identity card market. A press release says…


US’ first biometric gun to reach buyers this month

Colorado-based startup Biofire says that it will begin shipping its fingerprint and facial recognition-equipped handguns by the end of March….


Kuwait to share biometrics with Interpol, Gulf countries for regional security network

The Kuwait Interior Ministry says that all citizens and expatriates must register their biometric fingerprints before the June 1 deadline….

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