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secunet is among the leading biometrics experts in Germany.

Kronprinzenstrabe 30 Essen,
45128 Germany

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Facial recognition research community going beyond the algorithm to improve accuracy

The concept of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ applies to biometric systems just as easily as it does to coding or…

Nov 15, 2022Idemia, secunet, Tech5 achieve high scores in biometric benchmarks from NIST
Oct 21, 2022Czech Republic readies for EU biometric entry/exit with secunet kiosk trial, Frontex
Jul 5, 2022Secunet deploys biometrics for EES border control at Zurich Airport, NEC supplies Hong Kong
Jun 13, 2022Suprema ID integrates latest fingerprint scanner with secunet biometric middleware
Apr 4, 2022G+D, SuperCom, ForgeRock release 2021 financial results
Mar 30, 2022Austria awards Secunet €15M border biometric entry/exit system contract
Mar 28, 2022secunet achieves a record financial year for 2021
Oct 28, 2021New EES technologies at Bulgaria’s aviation hubs
Oct 25, 2021Airports continue to deploy biometrics as SSI ‘big wave’ approaches
Jun 1, 2021Kyrgyzstan launches biometric passport with advanced security features
May 12, 2021Strategic shifts to new biometric product mixes drive earnings optimism
Mar 31, 2021G+D reports stable results as secunet biometrics boost group earnings
Feb 15, 2021Estonia selects secunet biometric border control gates, Greece plans port system
Jan 25, 2021Biometrics stocks to reach more investors with Plurilock launch and Ipsidy uplist
Oct 27, 2020Border biometrics challenges discussed at NIST conference
Sep 24, 2020Idex Biometrics, Egis, Goodix, FPC fight for share in growing biometric card and mobile device markets
Jul 7, 2020Secunet white paper argues biometric kiosks needed for efficient European EES border control
Apr 29, 2020Aware and secunet report earnings and new biometric border control deployments
Nov 22, 2019Suprema integrates RealScan fingerprints with secunet biomiddle to supply border control market

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