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MOSIP (Modular Open-Source Identification Platform)

Website: mosip.io

MOSIP was incubated at IIIT-Bangalore as a global digital public good. The platform’s modular architecture, easy configuration, and customization abilities, enables countries the flexibility to build their foundational digital ID systems in a cost-effective manner. MOSIP was built on a strong bedrock of principles for security and privacy. The use of open standards and open-source code ensures that MOSIP is agnostic to specific applications, programming languages, and platforms, and actively works towards avoiding vendor lock-in. MOSIP is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates’ Foundation, Tata Trust, Omidyar Networks, and NORAD.

MOSIP (Modular Open-Source Identification Platform) Biometrics News


Existing biometrics standards back emerging of digital ID frameworks

As frameworks for trusted online services with biometrics and digital identity systems gain traction, technology providers must understand the standards…

Dec 20, 2021

Togo signs MoU to establish MOSIP digital identity system

Togo’s National Agency for Identification (Agence Nationale de l’Identification, ANID) has signed an agreement with IIIT-Bangalore for collaboration on developing…

Nov 15, 2021

World foundational digital identity systems under review by Privacy International

Privacy International has begun a series of investigations into the technologies behind foundational digital identity systems in place around the world….

Oct 18, 2021

Morocco, Lesotho report progress on digital ID ecosystems development

Identity management officials in Morocco and Lesotho have explained the different stages of their efforts in the building and rollout…

Oct 14, 2021

MOSIP announces University of the Philippines digital ID course, building provider network

MOSIP has formed a partnership with the University of the Philippines – Department of Computer Science (UP DCS) to offer a…

Sep 7, 2021

Tech5 integrates biometrics enrollment and issuance capability with MOSIP platform

Tech5 has continued its integration with MOSIP, building a new functionality for enrolling biometrics with the company’s T5-IDencode issuance platform into…

Sep 2, 2021

Sri Lanka biometrics pilot project awarded to IriTech after MOSIP self-compliance test

IriTech has announced that it has successfully completed a self-compliance program on its IriSentinel iris biometric scanner device based on…

Aug 23, 2021

Suprema ID completes MOSIP compliance program for RealScan-G10 biometric scanner

Suprema ID has announced that it successfully passed a self-compliance test for the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) system…

Jul 9, 2021

Sri Lanka partners with MOSIP to develop its digital ID ecosystem

The Government of Sri Lanka is using MOSIP to design and develop its foundational digital ID system and prepare a…

Jun 22, 2021

Tech5 integrates biometric software with MOSIP platform for Guinea’s national ID system

Tech5 has supplied its T5-ABIS to provide automated biometric identification with face, fingerprint and iris biometric modalities as part of the…

Mar 11, 2021

MOSIP invites biometric device providers to join compliance program

The Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) has called for an expression of interest from biometric device and “Foundational Trust Module” providers…

Jan 21, 2021

MOSIP enhances digital ID platform features, announces webinar

Modular open-source platform for biometrics-backed digital identity, MOSIP, will be offering a detailed explanation of some of the new and…

Dec 7, 2020

Coming wave of open source digital ID projects detailed in ID4Africa webinar

Several open-source approaches to digital public goods that can help countries establish or build on digital ID systems without falling…

Nov 20, 2020

Guinea’s biometrics-backed foundational identity pilot shows open-source benefits

Using open-source technology to stand up a foundational digital identity system with biometrics allows governments to use their human resources…

Oct 1, 2020

MOSIP open digital identity initiative partners up to enhance platform for developing countries

A new partnership to promote robust digital identity as a global public good has been formed by the International Institute…

Dec 23, 2019

Controversy and innovation in biometrics and digital ID top most read interviews of 2019

Biometric payment cards, the emerging automotive market for fingerprint recognition, the quality of datasets for training artificial intelligence algorithms, the…

Aug 22, 2019

TECH5 integrates biometric technologies with MOSIP open source ID platform

International identity management provider TECH5 has integrated its biometric software with the open-source MOSIP identity management platform, and is the…

Jun 20, 2019

Disruption, danger and determination: Africa debates its digital ID future on the final day of ID4Africa

Disruptive new technologies such as blockchain, and disruptive uses of existing technologies such as open-source alternatives, squared up against discussions…

Jun 20, 2019

Two ideas to break down vendor lock-in in foundational biometric ID systems launch at ID4Africa 2019

A lack of interoperability and vendor lock-in are long-standing barriers to successful identification systems in many places around the world,…

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