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MOSIP technology providers show off biometrics solutions at ecosystem event

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MOSIP technology providers show off biometrics solutions at ecosystem event

The over 400 delegates who attended MOSIP Connect 2024 were not only treated to interesting presentations and panel discussions, but also had an amazing discovery of biometric software and hardware at the event, almost all of which are compliant with MOSIP standards. The exhibitors are companies offering services in different biometrics modalities – face, iris, fingerprints, palm vein, DNA etc – and several solutions, both old and new, were on display. Biometric Update toured the exhibition booths to see what the offerings were.

Among them, BixeLab and Tech5 each participated in presentations during the event. Xperix and Accura Scan also showcased their MOSIP-supporting biometric technologies.

Aratek Biometrics

One of the stands inside the solution discovery hall belonged to Aratek, where the company’s “advanced biometric products and solutions, designed for secure, efficient digital identity management across the public and private sectors” were showcased.

Juan Campodonico, presales manager of the company, who was part of the team welcoming visitors, said among the product portfolio on display were their multi-function portable biometric scanners of all ranges from FAB10-FAB60, biometric enrollment kits for citizen registration, mobile ID devices, fingerprint modules, and other products. The team also shared with visitors their more than 20 years “solid experience” in the delivery of biometric technology. Aratek announced an upgrade to one of its biometric tablets in January.


The company exhibited its OEM and ODM products, as well as its VigoBOX biometric registration kit which is a portable and easy-to-use product designed with multi-modal biometric data capture capabilities for voter enrollment and identity registration. The VigoBOX II hardware recently registered a new speed testing milestone. Gabriel Chen, Sales director and Ekemp co-founder, also spoke about their MOSIP compliance achievement, making them only one of two in the Chinese biometric manufacturing market.

Toppan Gravity

The company’s Vice President of Product Management, Nicolas Jaouen, said they had several of their biometric products on display including software and hardware for biometric payment cards and government-issued identity documents. Jaouen also gave an update on the company’s biometric passport project with Ethiopia, saying a few things are being sorted out for effective work to begin in the next coming months. Toppan signed the passport contract with the Ethiopian government for biometric passports at the close of last year.


The open-source platform for civil registration also had a booth. According to the company’s Head of Engineering, Shibu Narayanan, the new version of their civil registration software was introduced to visitors. The company announced the general availability of the new version at the start of MOSIP Connect. Narayanan also told Biometric Update that OpenCRVS just concluded a civil registration pilot with the government of Cameroon, which involved 20 councils of the country. He added that the next step of the collaboration will be announced after the outcome of the pilot has been assessed.

HID Global

Riaan du Plessis, Area Sales manager for Sub-Saharan Africa at HID explained the company’s product portfolio. He said there is no new product on display, but the existing ones have had their production quality upgraded. In an exchange, he showed out samples of some government-issued documents such as drivers’ licenses and national ID cards produced by HID.

Iris ID

Among the dozens of companies was Iris ID. It had some of its iris biometrics technology software and hardware on display. The company’s Regional Director of Sales for the Middle East, Rami Azzeh, welcomed visitors to their stand.


The complete configurable biometric kit of India-based BioEnable is on display. The Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Mahesh Chatge, mentioned that the company’s biometric L1-certified authentication devices cover more than 60 percent of India’s Aadhaar ecosystem. He also mentioned some of their global project successes including their biometric passport projects for India and Iraq.


A number of Thales’ identity solutions were on display. Cohen David, solutions product line manager for civil identity at the company said although he was unable to keep a count, there was a high number of people visiting their booth, especially on the last day, to learn about their product portfolio.

Bluprints Innovations

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of this company, Kavita Aggarwal, says their range of smart printing products are designed to officer unique identification services for last-mile service delivery in various sectors including retail, fintech, banking and financial services, healthcare and utility billing. One of the devices on exhibition is called the “MicroATM” which can be used in rural areas to access bank accounts using a phone. “One of our over-all objectives is to foster financial inclusion across India,” says Aggarwal. She adds that for the past seven years of the company’s existence, Bluprints Innovations has been able to offer over 25 different services to over 900 enterprise customers, through more than 1,100 channel partnerships, and over 1,000 service centers in urban and rural India.


Chinese biometric solutions company Emptech showcased many of the identity credentials such as national ID cards and passports it has offered, or is offering, to governments in many countries around the world. Director of International Sales at the company, Sheldon Song, said they are involve din projects in more than 40 countries around the world.

Credence ID

The range of MOSIP-compliant authentication devices are some of the products that were seen at Credence ID’s MOSIP Connect stand. In a quick chat, the company’s Vice President of Product Management, Ravi Mysore, noted that “we are the first to provide fingerprint and face-integrated devices which are MOSIP-compliant across the industry.” “We believe in the MOSIP story and we are so excited to bring this device here for exhibition and to enable the growth of the ecosystem. We have a huge deployment base in Africa, in countries like Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and two other countries. There are also a lot of Middle East countries,” Mysore adds. He also mentioned that they are piloting the MOSIP-compliant system in countries such as Togo, Ethiopia, Uganda and a few other places. Credence ID attained compliance status with MOSIP last year.


They had a new product on their stands. It is an Android multi-biometric Tablet that can be used for an entire MOSIP-based identity registration project, the company’s Development and Support Manager, Siphiwe Ngwenya, explained. He says it is a reliable light-weight device with an extra battery, capable of being used in different difficult enrollment situations. There’s been a pilot deployment of the device somewhere in Latin America, says Ngwenya, but full deployment is planned for the near future. BioRugged also has some of its BioWolf range of products at MOSIP Connect. The company confirmed its MOSIP compliance in 2022.


The UK-based non-profit biometrics provider made a strong showing. CEO Toby Norman told Biometric Update in an exchange that they were there to explain their work in easing access to last-mile health services using biometrics. “We are a last-mile delivery partner. We use biometrics to verify that health services are delivered to the right people. We’ve done some work on deworming and vaccination programs,” he says. Functioning on the MOSIP open source system, he added, is “something we are interested in and exploring.” Norman and his Director of Engineering at Simprints, Chris Royce, were part of a panel that discussed biometric security for ID systems on Day 2 of MOSIP Connect.


Infineon was there too, and showcased an integration demo which the company has with MOSIP. “Our identity solutions team worked with MOSIP teams and we have integrated our ID registration system with the MOSIP platform,” said Christophe Boubel, System Application engineer for Identity Solutions. He explained that with the integration, Infineon can access biometric data already enrolled on the MOSIP system for card issuance.


This South Africa-based multinational company demonstrated its integration capabilities with MOSIP. “What we are doing with MOSIP involves system and post-implementation support for customers in some countries where MOSIP is used,” said Somu Papanna, CEO and managing director.  He added that their biometric products are also supplied to OEMs, for cloud infrastructure, and AI applications. InfyStrat was one of the co-sponsors of a Networking Dinner on the second day of MOSIP Connect. The company has operations in Africa, Middle East, Europe and the Americas.


They had time to explain the integration of their face biometrics verification system with the MOSIP platform for identity verification and authentication. Head of Product Growth and Innovation, Malcolm Sloan, said through iProov’s system, a user can have access to MOSIP’s INJI wallet, to enable them store and share their data in a decentralized format. “We come in to give that assurance that it is the right person trying to access the data,” Sloan added.

Kaizen Secure Voiz

Ashok Krish, founder and CEO of this company was there to make the case for voice biometrics adoption, and told booth visitors they are experts in the domain. Krish said in addition to reliability, voice biometrics authentication and verification systems are generally less costly to run. Kaizen Secure Voiz was part of a panel to discuss emerging modalities and advancements in biometric modalities at MOSIP Connect.

Marksure Next-Gen Identity

With an exhibition stand at MOSIP Connect, Marksure Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ajay Mehta, said they are brought a solution that reimagines how physical identity credentials such as government-issued cards should be designed and printed. “We have re-engineered and re-imagined the plastic card. We have changed the way it looks and feels, and the way you carry it in your pocket” said Mehta, adding that the card has been designed to have lesser thickness, lesser weight and to last much longer. He also noted that Marksure has the capacity to produce 1.5 million such cards a day.

Madras Security Printers

The Indian company touted its biometric ID enrollment prowess and collaboration with countries operating MOSIP-based identity systems such as Philippines. International Assistant Vice President of Madras, Satheesh, said they account for about 95 percent of the 110 million identities registered on the MOSIP platform through collaboration with the Philippines which has the biggest number of registrants among the seven countries doing MOSIP-based nationwide rollouts. Satheesh also spoke to Biometric Update about the company’s involvement in the Sri Lanka ID project, expressing optimism that despite the back and forth on the bidding process, their bid for the contract meets all requirements and stands a chance of being re-selected.

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